PHOTOGRAPHIC GREEN SPACES® are custom curated photo selections of Rebecca's Nature Collection that fill an entire space, tastefully immersing us in nature, aiming to amplify the beneficial wellness effects nature photography has been scientifically shown to imbue. 

Lech, Austria, 2016 - PURCHASE

Aspiring Fern, Michigan USA 2013 - PURCHASE

SCIENCE:  Rebecca doesn't do heavy post work on her photos, there's enough artificial in our lives, and real nature is simply stunning. Science shows the more literal vs. abstract photos of nature, the more efficacious in improving our mental and physical health. They change our nervous system and brain responses in 3-5 minutes. We are more relaxed and recuperated from stress. The chatty, thinking executive function part of our brain gets quieted and switches to our default brain network - the charismatic dreamer, and playful, creative child within. There's even an increase activity in opioid centers of our brain when we look at nature, a response not unlike seeing food or sex! 


"Tropical Splash" Austria 2012 - PURCHASE

WHO BENEFITS: Everyone can. We focus on urban centers because urbanization is on the rise globally, and it's been scientifically shown to increase stress, anxiety, depression and other health issues. Mental issues cost U.S. businesses over $17 billion a year. Add to this the rise of tech which has increased screen time and "indoor-itis", and therefore "nature deficit disorder," especially in our kids.

We have coevolved with nature for millenia. Let us bring a little back into your life. Bring Photographic Green Spaces® into your space, today! 🌱

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Rebecca Arnold speaks on the latest science demonstrating how nature actually effects our minds, emotional state, and physical health, and how to best bring more nature into your life - personally and professionally.

For science source info, bookings, inquiries or questions, shoot us and email.

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What you can do

All of these tips come from serious scientific studies with positive mental and physical outcomes:

  • Feature nature photographs and house plants in site and nearby where you dwell most – your desk or work area, bedroom, kitchen. Look a them regularly, 5 mins total, seconds at at time, has shown to help.

  • Walk on the tree-lined side of the street, sit under trees, open fields or near nature.

  • Vacation in nature - get active in it. Or add nature time or excursions to your holidays.

  • Spend a few hours a week in nature, even if it’s cold, wrap up, it still benefits your health. Finland's resaerchers suggest 5 hours per month.

  • Spend time gardening or volunteer with tree planting nonprofits.

  • Live near nature, wilderness or a park. Even if you don't go to it, it's shown to help.

  • Visit your local botanical garden or arboretum, especially in winter months.

  • Drive the nature route vs city route.

  • Do walking meetings through parks or sit in green areas in cities.

  • Build leisure and play time outside in nature into your kids' life, limit screen time. Goes for you too :)

  • Buy evergreen or cypress oils from any natural store and use inside your home or office via misters. Japan's forest bathing science found this reduces blood pressure and boosts immune system.

  • Look out windows at nature if possible, even if it's mundane grassy patches or trees.

  • Use nature scene desktop images or screen savers that really effect you.

  • Find a nature org or photographer you love and follow them on social media for regular visual hits of nature.

  • Even walks where ppl didn’t enjoy themselves, say cold winter day, if in nature, they still performed better on short-term memory and attention test.

Great read:  The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

Great video:  MOTHER NATURE by Conservation International