2016 Acknowledgement: 

Beyonce's album goes triple platinum. Parkwood Entertainment acknowledges Rebecca for her work on the album art and design.








Photos of Salento by Rebecca Arnold

Photos of Salento by Rebecca Arnold

Oct 24, 2015 Published: 

Salento Review, Italy, interviews Rebecca Arnold on her thoughts about the Puglia region. [English version





July 18, 2015 Published:  

Newsweek's Special Cancer Edition "Haiti's Cervical Cancer Epidemic"

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May 15 - 22, 2015 Exhibit: 

The Department of Culture, Lecce, Italy, and Route Rosa festival, selects Rebecca Arnold to exhibit her show: "The Others Inside Me" in the 16th century palace, Palazzo Vernazza, for International Women's Day

June 13, 2015 & May 31, 2014  Exhibit:

Taranto, Italy "The Night Of Culture"  Rebecca's "The Others Inside Me" is a collection of her photographs of nonprofits from around the world. It is accompanied by text that reveals Rebecca's compelling, personal accounts of what she sees in her subjects that also resides in herself.  The collection is featured in the annual festival “La Notte della Cultura“ ("The Night of Culture“); an outdoor, interactive, cultural festival that travels through southern Italy. Taranto 2015 sponsored in part by Telecom Italia.

Video: Taranto, Italy's "The Night Of Culture"

Video: May 23 - June 2 2015 Exhibition: Italy's Mediterranean Photo Festival invites Rebecca to show a portion of her exhibit titled "The Others Inside Me." 

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January, 2015 Media:

Polish fashion and arts blog Zahyrra interviews Rebecca and features her "Nature Patterns" work as inspiration for art, design, and fashion.



Kenneth Cole, Adriana Lima & Rebecca Arnold

Kenneth Cole, Adriana Lima & Rebecca Arnold

2013-2017 Kenneth Cole and Adriana Lima’s Annual Haitian Heroes of  St. Luke Foundation Fundraiser. Photography Auction Donation:

Rebecca photographed the Opus Award-winning St Luke’s Foundation and hospital in Haiti in 2012. Today she is an official Ambassador, supporting them with photo exhibits for fundraising events like "Haitian Heroes of St. Luke Foundation".

Hosts: designer Kenneth Cole and Brazilian
actress and Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima.












September 7, 2013 Exhibit:

 Galatina, Italy Featured inArt & Ars Gallery's 2nd annual  La Notte della Cultura" - “The Night Of Culture.” Press: Undo.net, Pugliaevents.it, Cultureame.it, Leccenews24.it.  














2013 Beyonce   Album Art & Design:

In her  production work, Rebecca was on the album art and design team for Beyonce’s Guinness World Record-setting album. She has also worked with countless other Academy Award and Grammy Award-winning and nominated artists.






CARE Brazil   Interview :

CARE.org is a global nonprofit working in 84 countries with over 1,000 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian-aid projects. In 2013 Rebecca photographs Care Brazil projects in Rio de Janeiro. She writes words of encouragement to inspire kids to participate in their Generation CARE Short Film Festival.





October 2015 Italy: Salento Review quarterly, interview [English Version]

July 2015 Newsweek Special Cancer Edition: http://www.newsweek.com/haitis-cervical-cancer-epidemic-354891

Palazza Vernazza, Lecce. Sixteenth Century palace in Lecce's old town where Rebecca's "The Others Inside Me" was exhibited.

2013 "La Notte della Cultura" "The Night of Culture" in Galatina, Italy, features Rebecca's exhibit: "The Others Inside Me."